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There are 22 industrial companies specializing in the production of textile, furniture, power-saw benches, bridge and electric cranes, paint-and-lacquer materials, medical products, farm machines, road construction equipment, reinforced concrete, etc. The largest of them are:
- the Dzerzhinsk Garment Factory Eliz (850 staff), director Yuri Lukashevich;
- the Dzerzhinsk Experimental Mechanical Plant (480 staff), director Yevgeny Kolesnik, the company takes part in the Avtobus national programme;
- subsidiary of the Dorstroiindustriya Company (298 staff), director Piotr Mitskevich
- subsidiary Fanipol Experimental Mechanical Plant of the Dorstroiindustriya Company (173 staff), director Yuri Lobach
- the MAV Company (250 staff), director Alexander Minko.