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Perinatal centers of the Minsk region will be equipped with new equipment in 2017

This was reported by the head of the Health Department of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, Natalya Boyarsky, today at a meeting of the Executive Committee, where the implementation of the state program "People's Health and Demographic Security in the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020" was considered in the central region, BelTA.

"A three-level system of perinatal care has been established in the Minsk region," said Natalya Boyarskaya, "This year it is planned to equip perinatal centers with medical equipment.


Electricity supply in the weather-affected settlements of the Minsk region has been restored

The power supply in the weather-affected settlements of the Minsk region has been restored, BelTA learned from RUE Minskenergo.

Due to bad weather, high-voltage power transmission lines were abruptly disconnected on the territory of the Minsk region on June 20. Without electricity in the second half of the day there were 126 settlements and 6 farms. To restore power supply to consumers, 33 brigades and 33 units of equipment of all branches of Minskenergo electric networks were organized.


Managerial innovations are presented at the educational fair in Fanipol

The open educational fair of social and managerial innovations "To manage, creating the meanings" will be held on June 20 at the secondary school # 1 in Fanipol (Dzerzhinsky district), BelTA learned from the Minsk Regional Institute of Education Development.

"The fair will contribute to the formation of a positive image of the education system and is a unique platform for the exchange of experience, discussion of problem issues, development of partnership in the field of education management," the institute noted.


Minsk team won in the championship of Belarus in orienteering

The national team of the Minsk region became the winner of the championship of Belarus in orienteering, BelTA learned from the main judge of the competitions, the cultural organizer of the Gomel regional center of tourism and regional studies of children and youth Andrei Marchenko.
The best result of the three-day competition was shown by the team of the Minsk region. The silver medalist was the team of the Mogilev region, the bronze went to the team from Minsk.


GAI will strengthen control over high-speed regime on the roads of the Minsk region

The traffic police of Minsk region will hold a preventive action "Speed" from June 15 to June 18, BelTA learned from the UVAI of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

The action is held in connection with the fact that one of the main causes of accidents is the driver's non-compliance with the speed of movement. In January-May, for this reason, 57 road accidents were committed, 14 people died and 66 injured.


Ratomka invites June 17 to a non-standard track-and-field race

Republican athletics competitions "Ratomka-trail" will be held June 17 in the settlement of Ratomka (Minsk region) on the basis of the RCOP of equestrian sport and horse breeding, BelTA learned from the Sports and Tourism Department of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

"Ratomka-trail" - non-standard competitions, the program of which provides for a race on rough terrain and partly along the sandy ground at a distance of 9 km with the overcoming of 56 obstacles.


Rally of retro cars will be held June 10-11 in Minsk and Minsk region

"Oldtimer Rally Minsk - 2017" of retro cars will be held June 10-11 in Minsk and the Minsk region, BelTA has learned.

Collectors of retro cars from Belarus, as well as from abroad, will take part in the event. The upcoming rally is a traditional amateur competition with elements of orienteering and high-speed maneuvering on classic cars. They will be held on public roads and will consist of road tests and additional tests.


New specialties in the system of vocational education in the Minsk region are being opened in Borisov and Kopyl

In the system of vocational and technical education of the Minsk region in the forthcoming academic year new specialties will be opened in the educational institutions of Borisov and Kopyl, BelTA learned from the press secretary of the Education Department of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Victoria Gomza.

For example, for the first time, the Borisovskiy State Construction Professional Lyceum will open a set of qualifications for the "restorer of decorative and artistic painting," and Kopylsky State College is the "agent for the maintenance of road transport.


More than 150 unused buildings in the Minsk region are offered for private social services centers

More than 150 unused buildings in Minsk region are offered for sale or rent under private social services centers, BelTA learned from Vera Podorovskaya, head of the department of social institutions and welfare of pensioners and invalids of the committee on labor, employment and social protection of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee. P>

"In the Minsk region, as a result of optimizing the spheres of health care, education, culture and some others, more than 150 buildings have been vacated that can be used to provide social services in various spheres of service on terms of sale or leasing in accordance with the law," - Noted Vera Podorovskaya.


In Borisov and Krupskiy regions a system for collecting and processing used oils

In the Borisov and Krupsky districts of the Minsk region, a system for collecting and processing used oils was created, the head of the waste management department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Ruslan Mikhalevich, said at a press conference today, BelTA has learned.

"The pilot initiative to organize the collection and processing of used oils in Borisov and Krupsky districts is being completed, the tasks have been fulfilled in full," said Ruslan Mikhalevich.

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