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Minsk team won in the championship of Belarus in orienteering

The national team of the Minsk region became the winner of the championship of Belarus in orienteering, BelTA learned from the main judge of the competitions, the cultural organizer of the Gomel regional center of tourism and regional studies of children and youth Andrei Marchenko.
The best result of the three-day competition was shown by the team of the Minsk region. The silver medalist was the team of the Mogilev region, the bronze went to the team from Minsk.

The closing ceremony took place on the picturesque shore of Lake Kazara. Winning teams were awarded with medals, as well as diplomas of the Ministry of Education and the Republican Center for Ecology and Local History.

The championship of Belarus, which took place in the Gomel region on June 12-14, brought together about 250 children aged 12 to 17 years. They played in the national teams of the Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Minsk regions and Minsk. Team Brest region this year to participate in the competition could not for objective reasons.

For three days, the participating teams competed in sprint and classical distances and a two-stage relay race. Competitions were held both on the territory of Gomel, and in the forest area near the Kazara tract, 30 km from the regional center.

According to Andrei Marchenko, the sports festival was a success, the weather did not fail, and the guys demonstrated an exciting fight. "Participation in the championship became for them an active and positive beginning of the summer holidays.It is glad that today the youth willingly participates in a variety of sports events.This not only helps to develop the sport, but also promotes the promotion of a healthy lifestyle," the source said.

The organizers of the championship are the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the public sports organization "Belorussian Federation of Orientation", the Republican Center for Ecology and Local History. The purpose of the event is the development and popularization of orienteering in the country, the enhancement of athletic skill, the identification of the strongest athletes and teams, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Sport orienteering is actively developing as a mass kind of children's and youth sports. In Belarus, more than 10,000 students are engaged in orienteering in associations of interests created in educational institutions. Activities orienteering combine both physical activity and mental activity.