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The readiness of equipment for sowing in the Minsk region exceeds 90%

The readiness of the equipment for spring field works in the Minsk region exceeds 90%, the head of the Mechanization and Investments Department of the Agriculture and Food Supply Committee of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Vasily Sysoev told BelTA.

For the upcoming sowing campaign in the Minsk region, tractors, combined tillage seeders, mineral fertilizer machines, seeders, potato planers, etc. are being prepared. Again, on special control, the elimination of the problems of energy-saturated tractors. This year in the region will be involved 1361 units of this equipment.

According to Vasily Sysoev, the region's leadership set a task to prepare the equipment by March 15. At the same time, he stressed that the specialists of the regional agricultural machinery control the situation: mobile groups leave their farms on a daily basis. The spare parts required for repair have been purchased. For each farm there is information about equipment malfunctions and the timing of completion of repairs. In the planned mode, employees of the Gostehnadzor carry out technical inspections. The representative of the committee noted the high pace of preparation for field work of the machine and tractor fleet of agricultural enterprises of Kletsk, Kopylsky, Logoysk, Molodechno and Nesvizh regions.

Heads of farms in the Minsk region are focused on carrying out spring sowing in optimal agrotechnical terms, in connection with which two-shift work of energy-saturated machinery is planned. During the winter, 370 machine operators were additionally trained for these purposes.