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Br2 million will be spent on the restoration of historical and cultural sites in the Minsk region in 2018

More than Br2 million is envisaged to be allocated from the regional budget for the restoration of historical and cultural sites in the Minsk region in 2018. This was reported by Tatyana Kravchenok, Deputy Head of the Department of Culture of the Main Directorate of Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, BelTA has learned.

Under the investment program in the regional budget for restoration work is planned Br2 million 132 thousand, and for the first quarter more than Br93 thousand are mastered. At the expense of the regional budget funds, work will continue on the building of the former noble meeting in Slutsk. At the expense of the owners' funds, work is planned on the Church of the Assumption in Stolbtsy district, the tomb of the Zawishi family in the city of Uzda, the former estate in the village of Nadneman of the Uzda region, etc.

In 2017, restoration work was carried out at 20 heritage sites. Tatyana Kravchenok said that the Minsk Regional Council for Historical and Cultural Heritage made a decision to impose the status of a historical and cultural value of category "3" on the grave of St. Blessed Valentine of Minsk, located in the cemetery of Zabolotye village, Dzerzhinsky district. Work is also underway to impart the status of historical and cultural value to non-material manifestations of creativity. This year, proposals will be made for assigning such status to two sites: a complex of knowledge and skills for making pipes by screwing in Polissya and traditions of making carpets from dyed straw.