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Ecotrail opens in the reserve "Falcon" near Minsk

The ecological trail will open in the Sokoliny reserve, near Minsk on October 6, BelTA learned from the Center for Environmental Education and Development.

The event is timed to the European Bird Watching Day (EuroBirdwatch 2018). After the discovery of the ecological trail, a series of excursions will be held in the reserve for everyone. The results of bird counts will be included in the general report EuroBirdwatch 2018.

The biological preserve Sokoliny was created in the Minsk region to preserve the local settlement of the common kestrel, a rare falcon listed in the Red Book of Belarus. It is the only specialized reserve for the kestrel population nesting in the trees. About 10 pairs of falcons nest in the reserve and its surroundings annually.

According to the director of the Center for Environmental Education and Development Ruslan Shaykina, in addition to environmental significance, the reserve "Falcon" is important as an important object in the system of environmental education of the local population and education of the younger generation. The reserve has become a good base for the development and testing of a series of biotechnical activities for birds, carried out jointly with the residents of the urban village of Machulishi with the involvement of students from the local school.

The ecological path in the Sokoliny reserve was created under the project “Machulischi: an ecological community of people, falcons and pines”, which is implemented by the Center for Ecological Education and Development together with the Machulishanskoye village executive committee with the support of the European Association for Local Democracy - ALDA and VET. Leo Sapieha. " The project is aimed at attracting locals to preserve the unique nature of the reserve.