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There are 68 cultural facilities in the region. Among them 32 libraries, 36 clubs (the cultural centre in the town of Dzerzhinsk, the Fanipol House of Culture, the house of culture in the settlement of Energetikov, 16 rural houses of culture, ten rural clubs, an independent motor club under the cultural department of the regional executive committee, a centre of culture and recuperation), Dzerzhinsk and Fanipol children schools of art, two musical schools, a regional history and local lore museum. The cultural personnel total 411 people.

Amateur artists take an active part in different international, national and oblast festivals and contests, become prize and diploma holders.

There are 26 amateur art companies with the title of peoples and exemplary, an ensemble of the Belarusian ancient music Pastoral bearing a title Honoured Amateur Art Company of the Republic of Belarus.

Dzerzhinsk Regional History and Local Lore Museum
: 6 Leningradskaya Street, Dzerzhinsk, Minsk oblast, 222720
Phone/fax: +375-1716  5-52-57
Director - Olga Chernenko

Tuesday-Thursday 9 am-6 pm
Saturday-Sunday 10 am-5 pm

The museum stock nears 9,500 exhibits and over 20 collections.

The collections: numismatics, painting and graphics, documents, sculpture, arts and crafts, printed matter, manuscripts, archeology, bonistics, faleristics, weapons, clothes, musical instruments, ethnography articles, photo-documents, icon painting, ceramics, folk art, posters, deltiology, religious.

The three museum halls house exhibits related to the history of the Dzerzhinsk region.

The regions flora and fauna are displayed in the hall of nature.

Every year the museum hosts 16 exhibitions: arts, ethnography, children art, arts and crafts, exhibitions of the foreign embassies such as Bronze of Ancient China, Chinese Arts and Crafts, Japan: Traditions and Modern Time.

Tourist routes of the Dzerzhinsk oblast include the following excursions: Our Land in Ancient Times, Belarus Towns, Folk-Crafts, Great Patriotic War and others.

The museum programme includes pedagogical courses, Belarus Nature events, quizzes, seminars, presentations and many more.

Dzerzhinsk Cultural Centre

Address: 4 Leningradskaya Street, Dzerzhinsk, Minsk oblast, 222720
Phone: 01716  5-54-59 (fax),  6-57-93
E-mail: gdk@tut.by
Director Tatiana Chagan

The Dzerzhinsk Cultural Centre is the leading cultural establishment in the region.

Founded in 1961, it has become one of the major recuperation places for the residents of the town and the region. The Cultural Centre includes 22 clubs, of them ten are children clubs. Nine cultural collectives have the title of peoples and exemplary.

There are clubs and collectives that work in different genres: chorus, theatre, choreography and instruments. The Dzerzhinsk Cultural Centre welcomes people of all categories and ages: children, teenagers, youth, adults and the elderly.

Children arts and musical schools

There are two arts schools and two musical schools in the region. The schools educate 840 students in 14 majors: piano, bayan, accordion, violin, cello, guitar, dulcimer, flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, chorus, choreography and art departments.